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  • Copper Magnetic Bracelet - Arthritis Therapy Healing Relief Bangle - Men Ladies - General Healthcare

    Copper Magnetic Bracelet - Arthritis Therapy Healing Relief Bangle - Men Ladies

    One size fits most men or women Magnets have been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and are still used today as a first line treatment for many common complaints by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For over 100 years magnets have been used in Europe for therapy and many people claim significant pain relief through the use of magnets for healing. Copper has also been used for many years to help with relief from symptoms of arthritis and many other complaints. So the combination of copper and magnets is consider to be the most effective form of bracelet for arthritis. Many sufferers from rheumatism and arthritis have found that by wearing a copper bracelet they can get great relief from the ever present pain. This bracelet is made from pure copper and will absorb acidity from the skin when worn. Features: - Elegant, lightweight and easy to wear, just put on and go to your daily activities- The Bracelet is adjustable and fits most, simply Bend to adjust for the perfect fit- Copper bracelets are designed to support relief from general aches, pains, arthritis, muscle and joint pain. - It is believed that magnets worn on the body can improve circulation, and help give more of the nutrients the body needs from the blood.- The magnets used in Revitale copper bracelets are 1500 gauss.- Copper is one of the most important metals in the human body. Like all other metals such as iron, magnesium and zinc, the body needs them to function.- Revitale copper bracelets are made from the purest copper sources (99% pure copper)- Easy clean, just wipe the bracelet with a soft cloth, no need for copper cleaner, they are treated with an anti-tarnish coat finis Size Options: 6mm (No Magnet)- Width 6mm Plain - Width 6mm Embossed 10mm (With or Without Magnet)- Width 10mm Embossed- Width 10mm Plain Disclaimer: Magnetic Bracelets are not suitable for Pregnant Ladies and/or anyone advised against using or wearing magnetic field items. Our magnetic therapy items are not sold as medical devices and as such we make no medical claims. Magnetic therapy may not provide a cure and we cannot guarantee that you will experience any of the benefits highlighted above, however many people claim to find relief from many ailments as a result of magnetic therapy.

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  • Sale -50% General Healthcare Silicone Rubber Soft Nurse Fob Watch - Brooch Pin - General Healthcare

    General Healthcare Silicone Rubber Nurse Fob Watch - Brooch Pin

    The perfect accessory for healthcare professionals who require precision and functionality in their daily practice. This watch is designed to be both practical and stylish, featuring a pin/clip for secure attachment, allowing you to wear it conveniently on your uniform or clothing. The watch boasts a sleek and professional appearance with a white dial adorned with large, bold 1-12 black numbers, making it easy to read the time at a glance. The alloy analogue watch case is encased in a silicone housing, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also ensures effortless cleaning, maintaining excellent hygiene standards in healthcare settings. At the heart of this Brooch Fob Watch lies a high-quality Japanese quartz movement, guaranteeing accurate timekeeping and reliable performance. Whether you are counting seconds during a patient assessment or scheduling medications, you can rely on this watch to keep you on track. With a height of 8.5cm and a width of 4cm, the watch strikes the ideal balance between visibility and convenience. Its compact size allows you to carry out your duties unimpeded while having easy access to the time. Constructed with durable materials, this timepiece features a combination of silicon and steel on its back, ensuring longevity and resistance to daily wear and tear. However, please note that while it offers general water resistance, it is not suitable for showering or swimming. To ensure the watch is ready for use, simply remove the plastic white protector on the dial and press the dial button to activate the clock. The included battery (377A) ensures that you can start using the watch right away without any additional hassle. The General Healthcare nurse / doctor healthcare profession brooch fob watch combines practicality, durability, and style, making it an indispensable accessory for healthcare professionals who value punctuality and efficiency in their noble profession. With this reliable timepiece by your side, you can focus on what matters most—providing excellent care to your patients.

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  • Sale -50% Revitale Foot Warmer Hot Water Bottle (Slate Grey) - General Healthcare

    Revitale Foot Warmer Hot Water Bottle (Slate Grey)

    Keep your feet warm and cosy with this soft fleece fabric Foot Warmer Hot Water Bottle by Revitale®. Retains all the simplicity and effectiveness of a hot water bottle but with a practical foot pouch which is big enough to envelop both feet in gentle warmth and comfort. Ideal if you have poor circulation or cold feet. Great for when you’re sitting down at a desk for long periods. The Foot Warmer keeps your feet warm for hours in a cosy fleeced fur pouch. CompositionFaux Fur Cover: 100% PolyesterHot Water Bottle: 2L Natural Rubber - Made to British Standard BS1970:2012 Do not use boiling water. Do not stand on the Foot Warmer or use footwear in the pouch. Do not fill more than two-thirds full and carefully expel air before tightening stopper. Ensure stopper is securely fixed. Do not use without the cover. Store empty and with stopper removed. See full directions & cautions on the packaging before use.

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  • Pic Solution Full Wash Anal-Vaginal Enema Douche Travel Kit -Colonic Irrigation - General Healthcare

    Pic Solution Full Wash Anal-Vaginal Enema Douche Travel Kit -Colonic Irrigation

    POCD are experts in the delivery of high quality medical supplies and we have sourced these tried and tested Enema Kits from Italy, because we found they were the best all round performer after putting them to the test.We evaluated enema kits against a range of criteria for simplicity, safety, ease of use, practicality, portability, reliability, and durability and visual design. This Artsana enema kit emerged as a clear winner and is excellent value for money, because you can reuse it over and over again. Why we rate this enema kit…The Italians have designed an enema kit that actually looks stylish!It has been used safely by thousands of people worldwide.It's easy to use again and again.The position of the tap should prevent the anal tip from being inserted too far, enhancing safety.Unlike other products there are no rubber or latex parts, minimising risk of allergic reaction.Plastic parts are well moulded, robust and durable.This particular enema kit is really simple to clean.Assembly is uncomplicated – no experience is necessary!It's possible to visually inspect all parts easily prior to use, which isn't always achievable with other enema kits.There is a small carry bag for discreet storage included.Components can be collapsed for storage and portability when travelling.Replacement parts are available in the enema accessory kit. Enema Kit ContentsA visibly incremented 2 L bag with integrated loop, so it can be hung on a wall hook or door handle.A 1.4 m long transparent tube, which gravity feeds the fluid from the bag to the tip.A tap mechanism for easy control when administering an enema.2 × tips that can be used with the tap – one is an anal cannula and there is a longer vaginal irrigator attachment included as well. How it WorksEnema kits facilitate a flush of the lower bowel and are usually administered lying down in a knee bent position. The liquid is fed through a tube by gravity and for evacuation the tip is removed and fluid is expelled into the toilet. This enema kit is supplied with full instructions for use Guidance, Precautions & StorageBefore and after you take your enema you should always make sure your equipment is thoroughly clean.Store the enema kit equipment in a secure place out of the reach of children, where it will be safe and cannot be tampered with.Store the enema kit in a constant cool temperature, away from direct heat and damp environments to avoid degradation.Do not fold the enema kit's water tube as it will create a kink in it.We recommend that you replace your enema kit after 30 uses or annually, whichever comes sooner.Beware of the cheaper less reliable enema kits that are sold as Artsana Clones!It is inadvisable to share enema kits with other people. User TipsDo not use tap water in your enema kit. For convenience we recommend you use sealed bottles of good quality water such as Evian, stored at body temperature.When administering an enema keep a copy of the instructions handy so you know what to do.Consider using an aloe vera based lubricant, quality organic oil or KY jelly on the tip.It can be handy to rest the end of the enema kit tubing and used enema kit tip into a bowl while you are on the toilet. It can then be used to wash the enema kit equipment when you have finished.Use disinfectant wipes to clean the tip of the enema kit after use.Keep a few towels handy in case of spills or accidents.Medical gloves mean that you don't have to touch anything messy.Prepare a decent detergent and/or sterilising solution for cleaning up after you've finished.Use a clock or timer so you know how long you've been administering an


  • Sale -20% Large Hot Water Bottle - Natural Rubber Warmer - 2L litre - General Healthcare

    Large Hot Water Bottle - Natural Rubber Warmer - 2L litre

    Experience the soothing comfort and warmth of our high-quality hot water bottle. Crafted with care from natural rubber, this hot water bottle is designed to provide exceptional heat retention and durability. Our hot water bottles meets the rigorous standards set by the British Standard BS 1970:2012. This ensures that you receive a hot water bottle of the highest quality, guaranteeing your safety and satisfaction. Equipped with an ultra secure screw-top lid, this hot water bottle offers a reliable and leak-proof seal. Say goodbye to worries about spills or leaks, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a top-quality product. Whether you're seeking relief from aches, pains, or simply looking to keep warm on chilly nights, our 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle is the perfect companion. Its generous capacity allows for long-lasting warmth and comfort, helping you relax and unwind. 2 Litre

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  • CompleteWash Male- Female Home Emema Kit Colonic Irrigation Kit Reusable Bag 2L - General Healthcare

    CompleteWash Male- Female Home Emema Kit Colonic Irrigation Kit Reusable Bag 2L

    General Healthcare CompleteWash Enema Kit allows for the cleansing of the vaginal or anal areas in the comfort of your own home. CE Certified and made of durable quality materials enables the kit to be re-used for continued curative or preventative purposes. Beneficial for..Weight loss supportElimination of accumulated fat, waste, toxins and parasitesPre-sex enema allowing for a cleaner and more relaxing experience. An effective home enema programme is considered when a satisfactory amount of filtered water is infused into your colon/vagina to create peristalsis (wavelike movements by muscles from the intestine or other canal which push contents of the canal forward). Once enough water has been infused using the enema, you can release the water and resulting waste into the toilet. This process can be repeated as many times as feels necessary and the amount of water released into the body can be increased depending on comfort levels. Your kit..Your CompleteWash Enema Kit arrive in A4 size brown discreet letter box. Meaning it can fit through most letter boxes, so you don't need to be in receive it.- Foldable 2 litre capacity enema bag complete with hanging hook- A hose with a water flow control tap function- 2 interchangeable tips (1 x Anal use and 1 x Vaginal use) - Enema storage bag.  

  • Sale -20% Revitale Microwave Heat Pack Mint 42cm - General Healthcare

    Revitale Microwave Heat Pack Mint 42cm

    A warming, relaxing and natural way to ease aches and pains. The unique design of our heat pack allows it to mould to your body's shape, ensuring targeted pain relief right where you need it most. Made from natural stone clay beads, with a hint of mint essential oil, it not only provides therapeutic warmth but also enhances relaxation. Experience the versatility of our heat pack, as it can be easily warmed in the microwave for soothing heat therapy. Simply heat it up and enjoy the soothing warmth that penetrates deep into your muscles, promoting relaxation and alleviating discomfort. Alternatively, you can chill the heat pack in the freezer for a refreshing cool compress. This cooling therapy can help reduce swelling, soothe headaches, and provide relief from minor injuries or hot weather. For your safety and convenience, please read the full directions and cautions provided on the packaging before use. We want you to have a seamless and enjoyable experience while using our heat pack.Compact and convenient for storage and travel.Heat Pack Dimensions (approximately): Length 42cm x Width 14cm x Depth 2cmPackaging Dimensions (approximately): Length 23cm x Width 13.5cm x Depth 5cmScent: MintRest assured that our Revitale® Heat Pack meets the stringent standards set by the British Standard BS8433:2004. This ensures that you receive a product of exceptional quality and safety.

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  • Sale -20% General Healthcare Bunion Gel Toe Corrector - Straightens Separates and protects (4 Pairs - 8 Bunions) - General Healthcare

    General Healthcare Bunion Gel Toe Corrector - Straightens Separates and protects (4 Pairs - 8 Bunions)

    PAIR GEL BUNION CORRECTORS - High-quality, soft gel bunion protector, toe corrector. Aids with pain relief and improves the general condition of the foot. One size fits all. Can be worn on either foot. Made from medical-grade, mineral gel. HOW IT WORKS - The toe separator's cushion gel shields your bunion and reduces friction and irritation caused by rubbing shoes, helping to instantly reduce hammer toe and bunion pain. EXTRA BENEFITS - Realigns toe joints and gently helps to straighten bent toes. It absorbs shock, shear forces and reduces friction caused by corns and callus'. EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE - Worn every day, they help to gently re-align your toe to its natural position over time. Thermoplastic, elastomer gel conforms to your foot's contours for a plush, custom-like fit.

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  • Sale -20% Revitale Fur Neck and Shoulder Hot Water Bottle (Slate Grey) - General Healthcare

    Revitale Fur Neck and Shoulder Hot Water Bottle (Slate Grey)

    Revitale® Neck Hot Water Bottle is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy this winter. Boasting a simple design with a luxurious soft fur cover, that fits comfortably around your neck to give you a supported and comfortable feeling. Fully relax without having to hold in position. Heat therapy can help relieve pain, stiffness and tension in the neck/shoulder area, as heat application encourages muscles to relax. Product Dimensions (approximately): 32.5cm Length x 4.4cm Width (Water inlet) x 30cm Height.Inner Top Neck Dimensions (approximately): 12cmInner Bottom Neck Dimensions (approximately): 11cm Our hot water bottles features a durable natural rubber construction that conforms to BS1970:2012 safety standards, ensuring a reliable and secure heating solution. With a generous capacity of 2 litres, it provides ample warmth for extended periods. Do not use boiling water. Fill not more than two-thirds full and carefully expel air before tightening stopper. Ensure stopper is securely fixed. Do not use without the cover. Store empty and with stopper removed. See full directions & cautions on the packaging before use.

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  • Pic Vedoeco Plus Clinical Mercury Free Glass Thermometer - General Healthcare

    Pic Vedoeco Plus Clinical Mercury Free Glass Thermometer

    Made from glass, with gallium.Measures body temperature by axillary, oral or rectal route. It is a traditional and easy-to-use thermometer. It has a magnifying glass that helps you to read the temperature without effort. It contains a practical reducer to lower the spine effortlessly after the measurement.WHAT IS IT?A glass thermometer without mercury – which is replaced by a special indium, gallium and tin alloy.WHAT DOES IT DO FOR YOU?It measures your axillary (armpit), oral or rectal body temperature. It’s a traditional and easy-to-use thermometer.WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE?Its new, modern and functional look and magnifying glass help you easily read the temperature. In addition, once you are done, its custom ergonomic case helps you shake it down quickly and effortlessly.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Before starting the measurement, make sure that the value indicated in the yellow column is below 36 °C. Place the thermometer on the body according to the type of measurement desired (axillary, rectal, oral). After approximately 4 minutes, the thermometer measures the body temperature. The temperature reading can be made easier by turning the thermometer slightly. After the measurement, the indicator liquid must return to less than 36 °C.To do this, insert the thermometer into the corresponding holder in the case, making sure to push it all the way in, passing the probe through the respective hole.

  • Sale -50% Ice Bag Pain Relief Heat Pack Sports Injury Reusable for Knee Head Leg - LARGE - General Healthcare

    Ice Bag Pain Relief Heat Pack Sports Injury Reusable for Knee Head Leg - LARGE

    Ice Bag Pain Relief Heat Pack Sports Injury Reusable for Knee Head LegRubber Fabric Large Ice Bag which Holds Approx 450ml of ice or cold water.The Ice Bag is canbe used on injuries such as bumps, bruises, sprains and strains.You can apply it to any part of the body for fast pain relief. LARGEHeight: 24.5 cm Material (With Cap 28 cm)Diameter: 27 cm Material (7cm Cap) Cold Therapy Treat that bruise, headache or hangover the old efficient cold therapy way with the fabulous retro style ice bag. Hot Therapy To soothe stomach cramps stiff necks, migraines, sinus and joint pain:Fill the bag two thirds full with hot tap water (not boiling). Securely screw the cap on and place on the affected area. Benefits:- Reduces bleeding in the body tissues, prevents or reduces swelling- Reduces muscle spasm and pain, reduces pain by numbing area and by limiting swelling.- Simple to use, for the Ice pack remove cap then fill with ice cubes, crushed ice or water. Directions for use:- Dampen the bag in cold water to avoid sticking to the body- To use as a Heat Pack fill bag with Warm water- Always use a towel between the body and pack to avoid burning- This should not be used on people whom have known medical conditions.- Bag must not be microwaved, and should be hand washed.- After using drain and air dry the bag before replacing the cap.

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  • Pic Optisoft Comfort Adhesive Eye Pad 10 Pieces - General Healthcare

    Pic Optisoft Comfort Adhesive Eye Pad 10 Pieces

    The Optisoft eye plug is made of special non-woven fabric that ensures maximum breathability and comfort. Due to its thickness, the Optisoft buffer guarantees the best protection and a high absorption. Warnings: Store in a cool, dry place. Sterilization guaranteed only if the packaging is closed and intact. Use with clean, dry hands. Avoid touching the part of the tampon that is in contact with the eye. Dispose of in accordance with current regulations. 6 PCS


  • New Lower Price General Healthcare Alcohol Pre-Injection Alcohol Isopropyl Swabs (100 Packets) - General Healthcare

    General Healthcare Alcohol Pre-Injection Alcohol Isopropyl Swabs (100 Packets)

    General Healthcare Alcohol Swabs 70% isopropyl alcohol (antiseptic prior to injection) For disinfection use 100 individually wrapped packets Medium Latex Free  Swabs are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Antiseptic for preparation of skin prior to injection. These swabs can also be used to disinfect small items like mobile phones. Ingredients Isopropyl Alcohol 70% V/V WaterSwab Size: Folded 3x3cm Unfolded 6x3cmCount 100


  • Sale -50% Revitale Hot Water Bottle Knit - 2 Litre (Arctic Silver) - General Healthcare

    Revitale Hot Water Bottle Knit - 2 Litre (Arctic Silver)

    Natural Ribbed Rubber Hot Water Bottle with a Super Soft Knit Fur Cover! This cosy and comforting accessory is designed to keep you warm during cold winter evenings or provide relief for those pesky aches and pains. Our hot water bottles features a durable natural rubber construction that conforms to BS1970:2012 safety standards, ensuring a reliable and secure heating solution. With a generous capacity of 2 litres, it provides ample warmth for extended periods. To add a touch of luxury, we've included a removable knit cover that feels incredibly soft against your skin. The ribbed design of the rubber bottle ensures maximum heat retention, while the cover adds an extra layer of insulation for added comfort. Remember, hot water bottles can cause burns, so it's important to exercise caution. Avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin, and always use a cover to prevent excessive heat exposure. The cover can be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring hygiene and freshness. With dimensions of approximately 22cm in width and 33cm in length (including the cover), our hot water bottle is compact enough to take with you on the go or keep within reach when you need it most. For proper care and maintenance, please refer to the label for detailed instructions. Snuggle up, relax, and enjoy the soothing warmth provided by our Natural Ribbed Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Knit Cover. Stay cosy all winter long! Capacity: 2 litre

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  • Sale -20% Cozy Creatures Mirowavable Plush Soft Toy Monkey - General Healthcare

    Cozy Creatures Microwavable Plush Soft Toy Monkey

    Children's Microwave Plush Soft Toy Monkey, the perfect companion for your little ones! This lovable monkey not only provides endless hours of cuddles and fun but also offers therapeutic benefits to bring comfort and ease to your child's life. Say goodbye to aches and pains with our innovative design. Inside this cuddly monkey, there is a removable microwave-safe pouch filled with natural grains and a small hint of lavender. By heating up the pouch and placing it back in the monkey's tummy, it releases a soothing warmth that helps to relieve muscle soreness, tummy discomfort, and other minor aches. It's like receiving a gentle hug that melts away any discomfort your child may feel. Restful sleep is crucial for your child's overall well-being, and our plush soft toy monkey is here to help. The calming lavender scent from the microwavable pouch creates a serene environment, promoting relaxation and aiding in a peaceful slumber. With their new furry friend by their side, your little one will drift off into dreamland with ease. Cozy Creatures Children's Microwave Plush Soft Toy Monkey is not just a toy; it's a delightful companion with a warm heart. Crafted with soft and huggable materials, this monkey is perfect for cuddling and snuggling during playtime or bedtime. Its friendly face and cheerful demeanour make it an instant favourite among children 3+. To enjoy a lovely warm cuddle, simply remove the microwavable pouch from the monkey's tummy, follow the easy heating instructions, and place it back inside. Within moments, your child will experience the comforting warmth that radiates from their new furry friend. The monkey's plush exterior ensures that the heat is evenly distributed, making it safe and gentle to hold. Whether your child needs a comforting companion, relief from minor aches, or a better night's sleep, Cozy Creatures Microwave Plush Soft Toy Monkey is the perfect solution. Bring home this lovable monkey today and watch your little one's face light up with joy and contentment.Suitable for children from age of 3 of all ages, and adults young and old.This product complies with BS 8433:2004 SizeMonkeyHeight 30cm (Head to toes)Length 46cm (Arms fully extended)Belly 16cmHeat Bag15x9cm

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  • Sale -50% Pic Stericompress Soft - Sterile nonwoven fabric bandages - 10x10cm (25pcs) - General Healthcare

    Pic Stericompress Soft - Sterile Nonwoven Fabric Bandages - 10x10cm (25pcs)

    Pic Stericompress soft Sterile nonwoven fabric bandages. Ultra-delicate, highly absorbent bandages made of special nonwoven fabric. Size: 10x10cmQuantity: 25pcs Composition:Nonwoven fabric70% viscosis / 30% polyester.

    £2.95 £1.47

  • Last stock! Pic Solution Replacement Tubing for Full Wash Enema Kit - General Healthcare

    Pic Solution Replacement Tubing for Full Wash Enema Kit

    Replacement tubing for Pic Solution Full Wash enema kit. - 1.4m transparent tube with connectors and tap.- 1x Anal cannula attachment. - 1x Vaginal irrigator attachment (the longer one.)


  • Pic Self Fix Cohesive Elastic Bandage (10cm x 4m)(M) - General Healthcare

    Pic Self Fix Cohesive Elastic Bandage (10cm x 4m)(M)

    self-adhesive elastic bandage for fastening is easy and quick to make. Thanks to microparticles latex discharges onto itself without attracting skin and hair, and without having to use plasters or common bandages. Also ideal for lightweight support in case of sprains and sprains. WHAT ARE THEY?Bandages used to hold your dressings in place. WHAT DO THEY DO FOR YOU?Keep dressings firmly fixed to any part of your body.Hold dressings in place, but are also ideal for light support of sprains and contusions. WHAT MAKES THEM UNIQUE?Quick and easy to apply and remove, and without a separate closure. Sticks to itself, not your skin or hair. Size: Medium 10cmLength: 4m


  • Sale -50% Pic Solution Vedo Clear Digital Thermometer - General Healthcare

    Pic Solution Vedo Clear Digital Thermometer

    A thermometer that focuses clarity and readability with a flexible probe.What is it? A new digital thermometer with flexible probe, easy to use and easy to read thanks to a large lens effect display designed according to the "DLS philosophy" Thermometer, measurement, temperature, fever, fluWhat does it do for you?Measure your axillary, oral or rectal body temperature and communicate the result quickly and easily. Axillary measurement lasts between 60 and 120 seconds. Its peculiarity? A large display with lens effect: easy to read, so you can easily read whether you have a fever or not. Then there is the memory that retains the last detection. It also helps you with a sound alarm in the presence of fever: the thermometer emits a BIP at the end of measurement and when the temperature exceeds 38°C. Its probe is water resistant and its batteries last at least 1000 measurements In what format can you find it? The VedoClear Zoom thermometer comes in a handy transparent case to protect and store it properly after use What is DLS design?It stands for Design Language Solution, the philosophy of development of Pic products born from the needs of people and inspired by the forms of nature. Simplicity: the demand of Italian families has been precise, we have taken up the challenge with the enthusiasm and passion of always. The rounded shapes, the dominant white color, the handles retrieved to be comfortable and intuitive, the clearly visible displays, the reduced buttons to give preference to ease of use and speed, the slim and reassuring silhouettes: these are just some of the improvements we have made to our products, now it's up to you to touch with your hand It is a Medical Device CE 0068. Read the instructions carefully. Ministerial Authorization of 2.09.2019

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  • Sale -50% Pic Solution Vedo Family Digital Thermometer - General Healthcare

    Pic Solution Vedo Family Digital Thermometer

    Pic Vedo Family Electronic ThermometerA simple digital thermometer for the whole family. WHAT IS IT?A thermometer with a rigid probe, which has all essential functions. WHAT DOES IT DO FOR YOU?It takes your underarm, oral or rectal body temperature in a quick, easy way. WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE?It's fast, with measurements taking between 60 and 120 seconds. The display is easy to read, the thermometer stores the last measurement, and it emits a sound at the end, which is different if it's above 37.5°C.The batteries will last for at least 1000 measurements, and are easy to replace. A thermometer with a rigid probe that has all the essential functions It takes your oral or rectal body temperature in the armpit area quickly and easily Easy to use and easy to read Ideal for home and hospital use Ergonomic and easy to use thanks to the large button Large, readable screen A closed plastic thermometer case is included Precise measurement Measurement site: under the armpit, in the mouth Beep at the end of the measurement Memory function: display of the last measurement result Battery powered (battery for approx. 1000 measurements included)

    £10.99 £5.49

  • Pic Solution Ice Bag Comfort - 1 Piece 28cm - General Healthcare

    Pic Solution Ice Bag Comfort - 1 Piece 28cm

    pack relieves inflammatory pain due to shock or trauma and effectively eliminates the risk of painful hematomas by applying cold, otherwise known as cryotherapy. This therapeutic method has a definite advantage, that of not being invasive. Indeed, the simple affixing of the bladder on the skin allows to quickly relieve and effectively decongest the painful areas that occur following a sprain, a strain or even a tendonitis. The action of the cold aims to create vasoconstriction in order to stop the inflammation and thus prevent the formation of hematomas. The cold will also create an anesthetic effect in order to effectively relieve the pain in the event of shocks, blows or edema. The LCM ice pack can also be filled with hot water to relieve muscle pain such as back pain, menstrual pain or even muscle contractures. The shape and flexibility of the ice pack allow you to apply it easily since it perfectly matches your body shape. Characteristics :Tissue ice bladderWatertight cap with safety sheathSpecial double layer fabricLatex freeCap diameter: Ø 28 cmSold individually with an elastic band

  • Last stock! Pic Solution Help Rapid Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - General Healthcare

    Pic Solution Help Rapid Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    WHAT IS IT?It's an automatic digital upper arm blood pressure monitor with a shaped Pic Ready cuff that's easy to put on and position correctly. Its innovative design, inspired by DLS, means it is more ergonomic and practical to use.It also uses Rapid Tech – Comfort Experience technology, which ensuresa fast and comfortable experience, because it measures as the cuff inflates.Like all products in the Rapid range, Help Rapid has also been clinically validated according to ESH protocol (European Society of Hypertension). WHAT DOES IT DO FOR YOU?Thanks to the Pic Ready cuff and Rapid Tech – Comfort Experience technology, Help Rapid makes checking blood pressure every day easier—it's fast, practical and thorough. This is a huge benefit to people who have never measured blood pressure before, or who need to monitor readingsregularly throughout the day. WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE?The main feature of Help Rapid is the shaped Pic Ready cuff, which is ergonomic and ready to use. It's easy to put on and position, and is particularly helpful if you're uncertain about how to measure blood pressure. Help Rapid also has a lot of other features that make it a useful device for thorough monitoring. For example, the visual gauge shows blood pressure levels, while the heartbeat indicator enables you to monitor your cardiac health and will alert you to any possible irregularities.In addition, the arm movement monitor gives you useful information whilst measuring, as well as the ability to memorize up to 200 readings divided into 2 areas—either for 2 people, or for checking both in the morning and evening. This enables you to create a clinical diary that is continuously updated, which you can share with your doctor. IN WHAT FORMAT CAN YOU FIND IT?Help Rapid and its shaped Pic Ready cuff come in a practical packthat's designed to go everywhere with you, every day, no matter howshort the journey.Help Rapid is guaranteed for 5 years


  • Pic Easy Rapid - Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Simple, Fast and Accurate - General Healthcare

    Pic Easy Rapid - Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Simple, Fast and Accurate

    The Pic Easy Rapid blood pressure monitor is equipped with Rapid Tech Comfort Experience with inflation measurement which offers a quick and comfortable result. In addition to speed and simplicity, Pic Easy Rapid has some useful functions for all types of use:A single button automatically starts each measurement quickly, a beat detector signals you if the heart rhythm has any irregularities, and a graphic indicator, updates you in real time on the pressure level. In addition, Pic Easy Rapid automatically calculates the average of the last 3 readings and, thanks to a memory that records the results of your last 60 checks, allows you to also create a useful clinical diary. Its design respects all the aesthetic and ergonomic canons of the DLS (Design Language Solution) philosophy, is inspired by the forms of nature, with slender and reassuring silhouettes, comfortable handles, and reduced buttons to favor ease of use and immediacy. Deductible product Offer contentPic Easy Rapid is ready for use thanks to the accessories included in the package: • Bracelet 22-42 cm• AA batteries• Comfortable carrying bag• Instruction Manual


  • Pic CardioAfib Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - General Healthcare

    Pic CardioAfib Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

    WHAT IS IT?Pic CardioAfib is a blood pressure monitor that carries out a specific screening for cardiac arrhythmia while readings are being taken. WHAT DOES IT DO FOR YOU?It lets you monitor your blood pressure, and is able to detect arrhythmia in your heartbeat, identifying any atrial fibrillation and premature contractions - also known as cardiac anomalies - that change the regularity of heartbeats. WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE?CardioAfib has a Pic Pulse Detector™, a Pic technological innovation that screens for atrial fibrillation or any arrhythmia while measuring blood pressure. It also has all the functionalities of other Pic blood pressure monitors: it can save 120 recordings in 2 groups and carries out triple measurement for accuracy.It also has a monitoring cuff, a result interpretation indicator and a cuff positioning indicator. IN WHAT FORMATS CAN YOU FIND IT?The Pic CardioAfib device, the M/L-sized cuff are stored in a handy bag, which can also be used to carry the monitor around throughout the day. Pic CardioAfib is guaranteed for 5 years.


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