Ice Bag Pain Relief Heat Pack Sports Injury Reusable for Knee Head Leg - LARGE

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Ice Bag Pain Relief Heat Pack Sports Injury Reusable for Knee Head Leg
Rubber Fabric Large Ice Bag which Holds Approx 450ml of ice or cold water.
The Ice Bag is canbe used on injuries such as bumps, bruises, sprains and strains.
You can apply it to any part of the body for fast pain relief.

Height: 24.5 cm Material (With Cap 28 cm)
Diameter: 27 cm Material (7cm Cap)

Cold Therapy
Treat that bruise, headache or hangover the old efficient cold therapy way with the fabulous retro style ice bag.

Hot Therapy
To soothe stomach cramps stiff necks, migraines, sinus and joint pain:
Fill the bag two thirds full with hot tap water (not boiling). Securely screw the cap on and place on the affected area.

- Reduces bleeding in the body tissues, prevents or reduces swelling
- Reduces muscle spasm and pain, reduces pain by numbing area and by limiting swelling.
- Simple to use, for the Ice pack remove cap then fill with ice cubes, crushed ice or water.

Directions for use:
- Dampen the bag in cold water to avoid sticking to the body
- To use as a Heat Pack fill bag with Warm water
- Always use a towel between the body and pack to avoid burning
- This should not be used on people whom have known medical conditions.
- Bag must not be microwaved, and should be hand washed.
- After using drain and air dry the bag before replacing the cap.

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